Please take a listen to excerpts of some of the recordings I’ve done.

May 2019. I joined The Y Men in 2018, and in May 2019 we released this single. Drums and percussion recorded at…. you know it!

2017. I composed, arranged, recorded and produced my first album: “This Sounds Odd”. All pre-production and drum- & percussion-tracks were done at The Hitting Room.

2017. I recorded drum- and percussion-tracks for Danish singer-songwriter Emilie Schiøtt. The album was produced by David Springborg.

June 2015. I did the drums for a couple of songs from my good friend Kasper Damgaard. Since it’s not released yet, I’m not allowed to play the entire song. But here’s an edited drum outtake, from one of the songs.

November 2014-January 2015. I’ve composed, recorded  & produced an EP, with my solo-project “Wagner Fusion”. All 4 tracks were mixed at the legendary Lundgaard Studio.

March-June 2013. I’ve recorded drums & percussion for 6 songs for Arvid Nielsen(DK/S) this year. Great singer-songwriter. His music is on Reverbnation, and on his forthcoming EP. This song is produced and mixed by Arvid.

May-June 2013. One of the pieces from Ben Doyle’s (US) “The Vessel”, composed by Ben for The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company. The drum part was written out for this one. This is a raw mix of the file I got from Ben, and the drums I recorded.

May 2013. Mette KP’s (DK) folk-song, produced by David Springborg (DK). I did some programming, and recorded drums and percussion for this one.

May 2013. Pavone Wagner Project’s (US/DK) first collaboration! This is a mix of Craig’s guitar-track, and my drums.

March 2012. Max Dembo’s Zygmont-project (UK). Raw mix of the drums and the play-a-long I got from Max.

Contact info

The Hitting Room
c/o Lars Wagner
Degnebakken 24
DK-8210 Aarhus V