• I receive an mp3- or wave-file with your music, and the BPM.
  • We agree on the sound and the groove.
  • We agree on a price.
  • You’ll pay me via PayPal.
  • I’ll record the drum-track.
  • You’ll get a reference stereo-mix of the drums.
  • You email me back, with your comments.
  • I may do some changes.
  • When you’re happy, I’ll upload the raw tracks.
  • You’ve got live drums on your song!
  • All tracks are recorded live.
  • All tracks are high-quality.
  • All tracks are in a format of your choice.

Typical list of tracks/stems:

  • Bass drum, bass drum sub, snare top, snare bottom, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, tom 4, overhead left, overhead right, stereo room, stereo ambience, tambourine (opt.), shaker (opt.).


For a small extra-fee, you can get:

  • Stereo mix of the drums & percussion. Import , turn it up, and you’ve got drums on your song.
  • Eq’et versions of the stems. Import and make your own drum-mix.



Contact info

The Hitting Room
c/o Lars Wagner
Degnebakken 24
DK-8210 Aarhus V