Finally back after the summer break! New EP from Wagner Fusion! Danish singer’s EP out now! Drums against cancer.

Wagner Fusion – First single from the album

I’m so happy to be able to finally release this single on Youtube. It’s the title track from my new album “This Sounds Odd”. Drum-tracks, as well as pre-production, was done at The Hitting Room. Watch how I did, or simply listen and enjoy the playing of my band: Samuel Hejslet (EWI), Jesper Nordal (Gui), JacobTrautner (Keys) & Allan Nagel...

Wagner Fusion-album drops this summer!

Spend the past year or so composing, arranging and recording 10 tracks for this forthcoming album. And I can’t wait to release it. The album, called ’This Sounds Odd’, drops this summer, and will be available on iTunes, Spotify and in my webshop at The music is an instrumental mix of funk, jazz, rock, reggae & electronica. It is filled with power, energy, and lots of improvisation and fun. But it’s also very evocative, almost like a soundtrack. Drums and...

New website!!!

The Hitting Room is launching this new website! Lots of new features. Check out the new “Audio” and “Video”-sections, with recording-examples from the archives. And when you finally decide to have real drum-tracks on your new song, don’t hesitate to send me an...

Coming soon!

I’m working hard, fixing the loose ends before launching this new...

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